5 Types of Social Media to Grow Your Business

iPhone showing multiple types of social media.

Social media has revolutionized the way human beings interact with each other. Because of these platforms, we can connect and build relationships with people anywhere.

If you own a business, you know that social media is a valuable tool. But have you ever stopped to think about the different types of social media available to you? Not many people do, which is a shame because this knowledge can be very useful.

By understanding the types of social media platforms out there, you’ll be able choose the right ones for your company and ensure your marketing efforts are successful.

Keep reading to learn about the five types of social media you can use to grow your business.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Co-Marketing

Companies engaged in co-marketing inside an office.

There are A LOT of ways to market a brand. Some companies kill it with email, others excel on social media. Influencer marketing and video creation have gotten a lot of press lately. Oh, and we can’t forget about blogging, which is still highly effective.

But there’s one proven strategy that doesn’t get talked about nearly enough: co-marketing. 

In this article, you’ll learn what co-marketing is, why it’s so beneficial, and four best practices you can use to make sure your co-marketing campaigns are successful. Sound like a plan? Then let’s dive in and get started!

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6 Must-See Customer Loyalty Program Examples

Shopping Bags On A Red Surface

Did you know that it can cost 5-25x more to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one? In other words, customer loyalty is essential to the success of your business. But how do you actually keep customers coming back for more? Create a customer loyalty program!

We’ve covered how to build an effective customer loyalty program on the blog before. If you haven’t read it yet, we encourage you to check it out.

Today, we want to show you six customer loyalty program examples you can use to inspire your own. Keep reading to learn why these programs are so effective and specific tips you can use to supercharge your loyalty efforts.

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How to Build an Effective Customer Loyalty Program in 5 Simple Steps

A person taking advantage of a customer loyalty program.

Here’s the truth: customer loyalty will supercharge your business. If you can keep your current customers coming back time and again, your organization will grow. But how do you actually do this? An effective customer loyalty program can help!

Keep reading to learn what customer loyalty programs are, why they’re so beneficial, and how to build one for your company in five simple steps.

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The 8 Best Branding Podcasts in 2020

A phone and headphones to listen to the best branding podcasts.

The podcast industry has exploded in recent years, which isn’t surprising. Podcasts are a fantastic way to consume new information and ideas! With that in mind, we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the eight best branding podcasts in 2020.

Keep reading to learn about the best podcasts on branding so that you can up your skills while you drive to work, walk the dog, or cook dinner for the kids.

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The 8 Best Marketing Software For Small Businesses

Two men looking at the best marketing software for small businesses on a computer.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, you need to market your business to achieve success. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier than ever before to do this! Years ago it would have taken a multimillion dollar budget to compete with established brands. Now, anyone with a smartphone and access to social media can build an empire.

That doesn’t mean marketing a small business is easy. But it is possible — especially if you use the eight best marketing software for small businesses listed below.

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